First Blog Post

Hi! My name is Symone and this is my first official blog post. I’m super excited to be starting a blog as this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. And I’ve finally gotten the courage do to so.

Let me just start by introducing myself and giving a little of background. I’m sure by now you can tell my name is Symone. I’m a 22-year-old college student. I go to Sam Houston State University which in located in Texas. I’m a General Studies Major with minors in Early Childhood Education, General Business, and Psychology. Now I know what you’re thinking. Oh wow Symone that’s a lot. But no it’s really not, not when you get to your end goal.

I have an awesome husband  (referred to as N) who lovingly supports me, when I’m not doing crazy things haha. We met when we both went to community college and it took a while to start dating. Once we started dating we were together a little over a year when we got engaged. We were engaged for about 7 months when we eloped while on vacation in Hawaii.  And honestly I feel like that was the best decision for us. Even though I had already bought a wedding dress  that I will use hopefully whenever we have our “real  wedding “. We have two animals a dog, Riley, and a cat, Luna. No kids yet but that will be discussed in a separate post soon so come back to read that 😉.

We will be moving from my in-laws house into an apartment in the next few months. June to be exact and we are super excited. We have every thing that we need and are just playing the waiting game now.  We were very fortunate because we both got some money back from school and all of our wedding shower gifts we are set to move in. That is just a big relief to know that you have everything you need before you have to start in adventure in the new place on your own.

Now on to what I wanted to start this blog. Recently in the past year and a half to two years I’ve really been thinking about it a lot and I haven’t mentioned it to anyone. Partially because I didn’t think I’d actually have the courage to do it and another part was because I didn’t think I’d be any good at it. But I have just had so much happened to me and around me I just want to talk about it and I wanted to start a life blog.   In this blog I am going to talk about school,  friends, being married, being a wife, moving, work issues, Health, and lifestyle choices. The things that make me who I am and the person that I want to be. And this is probably going to shock most of my family and friends because I am a private person I don’t talk about my issues but I’m going to start doing that with you.  I’m going to talk about things that very few people in my family which is kind of scary but it’s also very empowering to be able to do this.

Well I don’t think I have anything else to say so I’m going to wrap up my first official blog post. I hope you guys enjoyed this little blurb about me I can’t wait to write again.

-Signing off for now this is Simply Life by Symone. ❤️❤️


9 thoughts on “First Blog Post

  1. I think it’s great that you started a blog and are sharing your thoughts with the world! I just started a blog too, so I know how much work it is. I think it’s going to be very rewarding too and I’m looking forward to reading yours.


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